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Worship God with Us

If you’ve been visiting churches, you know that many very different styles of worship can be found in churches these days. At FPFO, we believe our worship should be solidly based on the Bible, should first glorify God above all else, should engage and build up his people and should also proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not know him. We seek to do this by creatively employing historic worship liturgies, joyfully singing the great hymns of the Church both ancient and modern. While this approach is firmly rooted in the historic practices of the church and the teachings of the Reformation, we also remember that all worship that pleases God must ultimately come from the heart.

According to the pattern found in the Scriptures and followed by faithful believers over many centuries, we believe that the ordinary elements of worship include: Adoration, Confession, Assurance, Thanksgiving, Petition, Instruction, Charge and Blessing. To these, we also add the two sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, which the Lord himself instituted for his Church. Together, these biblical elements of worship serve to retell the timeless story of the gospel, and to nurture the progress of God’s grace in our hearts.

Within this biblical pattern for worship, we also believe that a dialogue takes place between God and his people. Thus, as God’s Word is read and taught, he speaks to us. Most of the sermons preached at FPFO are expository, meaning that they are based on specific passages of Scripture, which are then interpreted and applied. In addition to this type of preaching, we occasionally have seasonal and topical messages. As we hear God speak to us through his Word, we then respond to him by singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs; confessing our sins; offering prayers of thanksgiving and petition; giving our offerings; applying God’s Word to our lives; observing the Lord’s Supper and finally, receiving God’s blessing on his people. When worship is offered according to God’s own design with glad, sincere and humble hearts, we believe that He is glorified and his people are encouraged in their faith and walk with him.

For New Visitors

Where should I park? Our parking lot is behind the church off of Hedekin Circle. Since this is a one-way street, it is best to turn onto Harker Road (from Layfette Rd.), go one block and then turn left onto Hedekin Circle. Immediately after you turn onto Hedekin, you will see the church driveway on the left. Our driveway is one-way, and at the end of the parking lot, there is another driveway that takes you back to Hedekin Circle. By the way, if the paved parking spaces are all taken, you may park on the grass next to the parking lot and along the driveway that exits onto Hedekin Circle.

Where should I enter the church? That’s a great question! One of the challenges of meeting in an historic building is that some things are not where you would put them if you were to design a new building from scratch. So it is with FPFO’s old and beautiful facility. We rarely use what was once the main entrance to the old Army chapel facing Harker St. Instead, we encourage you to enter the church from the parking lot in the rear. Just look for the long canopy that covers the sidewalk from the parking lot to new foyer of the church. From there, follow the short hallway on the right that will take you to the back doors of the sanctuary. (It’s easier than it sounds, but once you get to the church foyer, one of our greeters or any church member will be happy to show you the way).

What should I wear? The days when everyone put on “their Sunday best” to go to church are long gone. So don’t feel that you have to dress up to attend worship at FPFO. Some of the men will be wearing sport coats, and some of the women will be wearing dresses. But you’ll also see women wearing pants and some people wearing blue jeans. So just wear whatever you have or feel comfortable in, and you’ll fit right in.

What about my children? If your younger children are used to sitting in worship with you, that’s great. If they are not ready to sit with you during all or part of a worship service, we have a nursery on Sunday mornings for children up to age four. Our nursery is located on the lower level and staffed with trained, experienced child caregivers.

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